Batu Bozoğlu


Bozoglu (1983) is a performance artist, focusing on creating interactive performance platforms which explore the relationship between the audience and the artist, and the politics of participation in art. These platforms invite the audience to partake on the production of the artwork, where the influence of these interactions has a definite and fundamental effect on the work itself. The works try to generate issues of authorship, a conflict of interest and initiate acts of empowerment and/or exploitation between the artist and the participants. These performances aim to broaden and/or challenge the medium by questioning the roles of all parties involved. By situating themselves in the praxis of everyday life and the private sphere, they try to blur the boundaries between the artistic and mundane.

Bozoglu’s recent work draws heavily from the experience of the Great War with the mechanized, random nature of its carnage and the helplessness and disillusionment it brought upon its subjects. Reflecting these issues, themes pertaining to random chance, vulnerability, submission, trauma and human-vs-machine play a great role in these artworks.

Bozoglu received his BA in Painting from Marmara FFA and his MA in VAVCD from Sabanci FASS. His MA thesis titled “Practice of Life as a Work of Art” argues that the praxis of everyday life can be transformed into an artistic medium if and when the artist opens its life and persona to concrete and intrusive manipulations from the audience and provides aesthetic documentation for these manipulations. He was granted his PhD from Marmara IFA, Dept. of Painting with his thesis titled “Dada and the Rise of the New Modernity: Aesthetics of Destruction” focusing on the influence of the psychological and material violence of the Great War on the art and artists of Dada. His thesis frames the Dadaist attitude and the artworks as a conduit for the random violence and extensive destruction brought by the war, which aesthetically express and systematically implement the same destruction to the arts, the artist and society as a whole.

Bozoglu lives and works in Istanbul and is a member of Performistanbul.

2018 "Asia Discovers Asia Meeting 2018", ADAM2, Taipei
2017 "Considering Time" by Marilyn Arsem, Venice Performance Art Week 2017, Venice
2015 "Dialogue Transformation: Turkey-Armenia Normalization Process", Conflict Resolution, Yerevan-Istanbul
2014 "BecomeBecome Masterclass", Plymouth Uni. / Planetary Collegium, Kefalonia (Greece)
2012 "Kasa Gallery Summer Residency", Kasa Gallery, Istanbul


Superimposed at Elgiz Museum, Istanbul
Ayn-i Galip at Pasaj, Istanbul
This is not a Performance at Daire Sanat, Istanbul
Dadamobile at Public Space, Boston, MA
Artist Lab ADAM 2018 Presentation at Hakka Cultural Centre, Taipei County, Taiwan
Needed: You at PCSAA, Istanbul
Venice Performance Art Week 2017 at Palazzo Mora, Venice
The Cycle (Solo) at Sanatorium, Istanbul
Istanbul Biennial: A Good Neighbour at Galata Rum Okulu, Istanbul
Performance Night at Blokart Space, Istanbul
ESSL Awards Turkey Nominees Exhibition 2015 at Tophane-i Amire, Istanbul
Supermarket Art Fair 2015 at Telefonplan, Stockholm, Sweden
Venice Experimental Cinema and Performance Art Festival at International Artexpo, Venice
Globality and Locality at MU Cumhuriyet Museum, Istanbul
Mamut Art Project 2013 at Antrepo, Istanbul
Homework: Make My Day (Solo) at Kasa Gallery, Istanbul
Works by student of Wieslaw Zaremba at Tuzla Municipal Gallery, Istanbul
Flow at SSM Sabanci Museum, Istanbul
Flat Printing Workshop Student’s Exhibition at Gallery DA, Gdansk
Pist//Reserved at Pist, İstanbul
Graduation class of 2001 at Marmara FFA, Istanbul
Inside-Out at Marmara Uni. FFA, Istanbul


PhD in Painting
Marmara Uni. Institute of Fine Arts, Turkey
2013 – 2019
MA in Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design
Sabanci Uni. Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Turkey
2008 – 2010
BFA in Painting
Marmara Uni. Faculty of Fine Arts, Istanbul
2001 – 2005


Okan Uni. Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture, Istanbul
2016 – Present
Research Assistant
Okan Uni. Faculty of Fine Arts, Turkey
2013 – 2016
Sabanci Uni. Faculty of Art and Social Sciences, Istanbul
2008 – 2010


  • painting
  • drawing
  • performance
  • Dada
  • World War One