Bobin-Yayın Radio Project (2005 – 2006)


Bobin-Yayın Radio Project is an interactive radio aired through the internet via a voice chat software where young artists Batu Bozoglu, Sezin Eker and Emre Akyuz hosted 55 programs during its 8 months period having discussions about the art scene in Istanbul, the issues that young artists encounter after graduating and productivity in general. Although initiated by the three artists, due to the democratizing attributes of the software used in the project, there were no hierarchical order in between them and listeners, who could interrupt them at will by a simple click of their microphones and start speaking without any restriction.

The radio was aimed to inspire and encourage young to be artists (both the hosts and the listeners) to produce new art works by the principles of simplicity and straightforwardness, meaning inspiration through simple ideas coming from honest personal interests.

The project was exhibited in Pist//2 in 2006

web, radio, interactive art,