Homework: Make My Day (2012-2013)

interactive, art, video, painting, performance

HOMEWORK: “MAKE MY DAY " is an art project part committed to create collaborative artworks. It is an interdisciplinary piece where the communication and sharing creates a disruption of the artist’s creative processes. Homework: "Make My Day” is about the artist’s disobedience and responses to the audience and the art scene’s interference with the artist’s creative processes. Make My Day as per the Oxford English Dictionary, is “used ironically to encourage or incite a person to an action that will justify violent or severe retribution on the part of the speaker (this being the speaker’s favoured course of action).”

Batu Bozoglu is gathering a series of personal responses to the audience’s interference with his creative process. If contemporary social media invade every aspects of contemporary life, even artistic processes and production, Batu Bozoglu’s artworks focus on responding to the invasive and pervasive role of the gallery system and audience and are related to the significance and/or insignificance of daily actions and the role that social media interactions can play in shaping or disrupting artistic inspiration.

As in the case of Marina Abramovich’s Rhythm 0 (1974), Pin Body by Stelarc (1996), Double Game by Sophie Call (1998-2000), Ken Goldberg’s The Tele-Actor (2001), or Clifford Owens and his exhibition at MoMA PS1 (2005 – first enacted in 2004), the artist will let the audience take charge and disrupt his creative processes. But these forms of disruption will generate consequences and the gallery’s actions could ‘make the artist’s day.’

As a ‘bad boy’ of the Istanbul art scene, Bozoglu, with his artworks, will challenge the tyranny of the gallery and of the audience. The artist from his disobedience and responses to the gallery in his show at Kasa Gallery has created a body of artworks using a variety of media ranging from painting to photography, video to installations. And now he continues to work with its project by responding to the audience’s interactions through its website.

Homework: Make My Day was exhibited in 2012 at Kasa gallery in solo exhibition and in Mamut Art Project group show in 2013.

2012 “Homework:Make My Day”, Kasa Gallery, Istanbul/Turkey, solo exhibition
2013 “Mamut Art Projet”, Antrepo, Istanbul/Turkey, group exhibition

for more info please visit: www.facebook.com/HomeworkMakeMyDay

Kasa Gallery