It's all about luck. (2017)

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The performance is a two day long durational work during which I flipped a coin and marked the result with white chalk on a black wall (2x6 meters roughly) as 0's (heads) or 1's (tails) for 16 hours, until the whole surface is covered. The performance started every day when I left the hotel in Mestre and walked 3 hours to Venice proper to reach Palazzo Mora, and then tossed and marked between 1pm and 9pm without ever stopping. The wall was completely covered at the last hour of the second day and the binary code written down in a notebook to be processed later as digital text, image and sound files. This work was inspired by the trench warfare of the Great War where luck was the deciding factor between life and death.

This work was executed during The Venice Performance Art Week 2017, as part of the workshop titled “Considering Time” by Marilyn Arsem.

Venice Performance Art Week 2017

14-15 Dec. 2017

Perfromance Art