Project: PC (2018)

February 16th – March 16th 2018
durational performance

PC, is an interactive and participatory performance piece which will be online for 28 consecutive days. The project will provide the opportunity for the public to send sounds in forms of syllables through the website [], to a Bluetooth speaker carried by the artist at all times, from which these messages will be broadcast via text-to-speech software. Throughout the process, the artist will not interrupt his daily routine and will go about his everyday life. The senders will not be asked to give any personal information apart from an optional chosen alias to ensure anonymity.

PC aims to create a channel through which the public can exercise its freedom of expression without any conventional articulation, free from the constraints of the established literary form regulated by the politics of our age. The collectively produced phonetic poem which will emerge from the process, emphasizes a recurring crisis of language, first brought to the public attention by the Dadaists around and after the Great War, during which regular practice of censorship and propaganda resulted in a similar collapse in the credibility and freedom of language. In order to provide a free public channel exempt from the politics of this corrupted form of expression, PC endorses abrupt ejaculation, abstract exclamation, phonetic rhythm and nonsensical exposition.

PC is part of the exhibition “Needed: You” by Performistanbul which will be held between February 16th and March 16th, 2018. The project received a 5687 messages and broadcast 170.970 characters in total, a majority of which was emojis reflecting the prominent form of online communication in our present age.

Project:PC application and website by ParionTech.

Needed:You (Performistanbul)