Dadamobile Scores (2018)


During the month of June 2018, Mobius artist Jane Wang initiated a series of performances and a blog in memory of Dada, called Dadamobile and Dadabloge respectively. Dadamobile took place in Boston’s public squares during which Mobius artists performed “scores” which was submitted to them by invited artists through out the world. Two scores by Batu Bozoglu were accepted by the Dadamobile board and executed by the performers in Boston.

First performance called “VIP” was executed only once. The score dictated that a person dressed as a bouncer would stand at non-specific place in the public square holding a VIP sign, challenging people who would walk up to him by asking for their names and invitations. This bouncer carries a clipboard containing a list of deceased soldiers from Massachusetts, all killed while serving in the Great War. Checking for the names from that list and not being able to find any matches, the performers denies people access to where he is situated.

The second score called “Survey” was executed twice in Boston and once in Istanbul, where several performers dress up as surveyors and ask people to fill out a questionnaire. The questionnaire which was produced by the artist himself contains a number of questions about the tastes and daily preferences of people, to which is given 4 choices of answers to choose from. All these choices are deliberately made to provide no sense and are produced to challenge the participant’s logic, common sense and notion of reality. The surveyors are not allowed to reveal that the action is performed as an artwork and are encouraged to lie about the real reason behind the event, trying to convince people that the survey is actually a scientific endeavor and based on real research. To encourage participation, 8 different cards were printed to give out as a reward for filling the form. The cards are similar to gaming cards often used in board games, containing orders or permissions for the user such as “skipping a line” or “silencing people.” These cards were produced by the artist to introduce chaotic behavior in the daily lives of the participants when used in real life situations.

You can find more info about the Dadamobile and all its actions in here;

Dadamobile (Mobius)
Contributing Artist
June 2018
Performance Art / Happening