Recoil (2019)

Galip (Pasaj)
12-13 March 2019
Interactive Performance Art

As part of an event series “Galip” curated by Eda Emirdag and centered on a photographer who had ended his life, “Recoil” is an interactive performance artwork investigating the effects and repercussions of the tools that humans create to expand their reach and overcome their bodily limitations.

The performance art is set up in a dark room which is separated by a clear tarp hanging from its ceiling, on the other side of which the artist waits for the participants to interact with him. The experience starts in a preparation desk just outside the darkroom where the participants are asked to choose a photo negative from a selection of Galip’s own photos. Once selected, this photo is placed inside a portable photo enlarger that projects the image on any surface that it is pointed to. The participant is then ushered inside the darkroom which he/she explores using the aggrandizer as a flashlight. Once the projected image hits the surface of the tarp, the artist starts to draw the photo from the other side using colored markers, following its reflection as it moves along the surface.

Executed in 2 days with 4 hours sessions each, the performance produced a tarp of 325x350 cm marked with now indiscernible traces of several photos, which is exhibited at Pasaj in the event series’ main exhibition “Ayn-i Galip”.

A special thanks to Tomáš Hetmánek for lending me this wonderful equipment and making this artwork possible.