Excavation (2019)


“Excavation” is interactive performance art piece executed as part of a series of performances that took place in Elgiz Museum in Istanbul. This performance series called “Superimposed” presented 4 artists taking over a room inside the museum and performing a series of actions for several days in the span of a month. Excavation, being the last performance in the series, took over the space that was filled with numerous items and markings left from the past performances to investigate the site and recreate a narrative of the events that had occurred there based on the analysis of these remnants.

This performance channels the rational and reductionist gaze and tries to invite the audience to reflect on the processes that we rely on for the interpretation and assessment of art. During the performance, everyday for 5 hours, the artist (and willing participants) choose an evidence left in the site and determine their possible cause and motive behind their presence. At the end of each day, all evidence filed this way are compiled to create an account of the past events. Excavation created 5 completely different accounts during its execution.

Elgiz Museum
22-26 October 2019
Interactive Performance Art